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Academic Institutions

Brocali handles classes, remote activities, exam delivery, and proctoring, streamlining the entire process from creating courses and exams to grading and feedback.


Brocali helps with interviews, workshops, exam delivery, and the creation of customized learning paths for onboarding or staff growth, all powered by advanced AI, providing valuable insights into staff behavior, strengths, and weaknesses, with practical recommendations to improve selection and performance.

Certification Bodies

Brocali takes care of the entire journey up to certification, making sure everything is secure and maintaining the integrity of curriculum, materials, and exams.

AI-driven learning and examination software for schools and businesses

Save time and money by connecting data, teams, and learners together - simplifying classroom activities and exam delivery.


Tutoring minutes


Live sessions


Exam delieved


of educators say that Brocali is a time-saver


of educators find Brocali effective for real-time monitoring.
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Build, manage and categorize courses or exams with a wide range of functionalities.



Schedule courses and exams with complete control and robust content security features. Rapidly verify and authenticate users, automate the process, and invite users within seconds.


Receive comprehensive insights on candidates, session attendees, exam and course performance, strengths, weaknesses, and potential cheating behavior. Benefit from customized recommendations to improve students and course materials.
Create, customize, and schedule exams with ease. ensure exam integrity with advanced anti-cheat options and AI proctoring, receive detailed insights and personalized recommendations, and enhance account security and safeguard content integrity with powerful security features.


Exam prep, proctoring, and delivery platform

Streamline and automate your entire process. It allows your organization to efficiently manage tasks, conduct live classes, facilitate workshops or individual sessions, create study schedules, develop courses, track progress, generate reports, and provide certifications—all in one place


A modern and customizable learning platform

Utilizing technology and human expertise to provide on-demand courses, live-streamed workshops, coaching, and tutoring—all to help and empower individuals.


Mastering Success with Our Training Hub

How to improve the efficiency and security of our operations?

Flexible classes and secure exams, whether at home or in person. Use our system for building, managing, delivering, proctoring and grading. Or seamlessly integrate preferred features with your LMS.


What steps can be taken to enhance learner outcomes?

Improve student outcomes with category-based reporting to identify areas of improvement and guide study habits through Brocali's recommendations.


How can we make sure exams are fair and nobody cheats?

Empower educators and examiners with AI tools for cheat detection and in-depth analysis, ensuring a fair and secure testing and learning environment.


What steps can be taken to enhance learner outcomes?

Improve student outcomes with category-based reporting to identify areas of improvement and guide study habits through Brocali's recommendations.


Every team wants an easier way to handle classes, remote activities, exam delivery, and proctoring


Since June 2023, WUHS has utilized Brocali's platform for USMLE Step 1 preparation. Leveraging resources like the digital library, exam delivery, proctoring, and specialized courses, WUHS students saw a notable increase in average scores—from 45% to 69% in just 3 months. The platform facilitated numerous live sessions and effectively delivered and proctored over 1000+ questions through Brocali.

WHUS - Washington University of Health & Science


Ummah University started using Brocali in October 2023 to meet their exam facilitation and remote proctoring requirements. They employed Brocali's exam delivery and proctoring features, managing to conduct more than 6500 exams in the last quarter. This implementation led to a 30% decrease in administrative time and a reduction of over 90% in the time needed for exam delivery and monitoring.

Al-Umma - Al-Umma University and college


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Selected by GSV cup as one of the most innovative EdTech startups globally in 2022

Work better by helping your people work smarter

Support your team to improve performance, save time, reduce manual work, and cut unnecessary costs.