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Your end-to-end solution for 
knowledge examination

A powerful, intuitive online exam platform with integrated authoring, proctoring, analysis and practical recommendations

Brocali helps educators focus on maximizing learner's outcome, maintaining safe environment, and protect the integrity of formative and summative exams.




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Fair exams with powerful anti-cheating methods, reduce the chances of cheating and increase exam integrity with advanced AI and human proctoring

Cheat Prevention


Enhance account security and safeguard content integrity with Brocali's security solutions.

Security and authentication


Check how candidates are doing and their behavior. Find out where they struggle or do well and if there's any chance of cheating. Look at the questions to make them better and improve the overall quality of the exam.

Understand and improve


Author questions, customize exams easily with various question types and formatting. Schedule, control invites, and automate administration. Save time grading automatically and share results instantly.

Create, manage, deliver

Real-time monitoring
Keep an eye on what users are doing during the exam, track their progress, see how many have submitted, and observe their behavior in real time. If a student gets stuck and needs help, use the chat and audio features to communicate without disturbing the rest of the class

Screen recording
Screen of the candidate's device is recorded throughout testing. The recordings can be watched in real-time or after the assessment is complete.

Webcam recording
Webcam of the candidate is recorded throughout the testing. the recordings can be watched in real-time or after the assessment is complete

Full Control

  • Lockdown browser
  • Randomized questions
  • Timers
  • Navigation restrictions
  • Blocks AI Extensions

Quiz Guard

Face Recognition & ID verification
Quickly verifies and authenticates test taker identity to ensure the person taking the proctored test is the same as the person earning the degree or certification

Precise access control
Customize user access by role. provide access to specific platform sections or define precise permissions for detailed content control.

Unique Credentials
Create unique credentials for each test-taker like passwords, pin numbers, identity numbers or username/password pairs

Invitation Codes
The system will generate a unique invitation code for each test-taker that you register.

Security and content integrity

Use advanced visual analytics and reporting to understand candidates better. Identify strengths, weaknesses, behavior, and cheating potential. Receive personalized recommendations to improve student outcomes.

Insights, analytics
and recommendation

More reasons to love Brocali

Branded certificates

Provide branded certificates to candidates who pass their accreditation. choose a custom design or use one of Brocali's templates

API Integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Learning Management and Learning Experience Platforms using open APIs for custom setups


Make it yours by customizing the domain, subdomain, logo, and colors to reflect your brand's identity

AI proctoring

real-time, automatic AI detection of suspicious behavior, sounds, items, or searches. Our system provides a thorough analysis of potential cheating

Virtual Space

Provide branded certificates to candidates who pass their accreditation. choose a custom design or use one of Brocali's templates

Since June 2023, WUHS has utilized Brocali's platform for USMLE Step 1 preparation. Leveraging resources like the digital library, exam delivery, proctoring, and specialized courses, WUHS students saw a notable increase in average scores—from 45% to 69% in just 3 months. The platform facilitated numerous live sessions and effectively delivered and proctored over 1000+ questions through Brocali.

WHUS - Washington University of Health & Science


Ummah University started using Brocali in October 2023 to meet their exam facilitation and remote proctoring requirements. They employed Brocali's exam delivery and proctoring features, managing to conduct more than 6500 exams in the last quarter. This implementation led to a 30% decrease in administrative time and a reduction of over 90% in the time needed for exam delivery and monitoring.

Al-Umma - Al-Umma University and college


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