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Adam Banishamseh M.D

Aya Mikkawi M.D

Zaid Zakaria M.D

Mohammed Jaber M.D

Fares Natour M.D

Fahed Owda M.D

Mahmood Odeh M.D




12 Months


Prepare for the USMLE Step 1 with Brocali's live online course, tailored for medical students and postgraduates, integrating on-demand and live sessions, private coaching, and personalized planning to maximize your understanding of medical concepts, actively apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios, transforming theoretical understanding into practical skills.

What's included

  • Interactive live lectures led by doctors who excelled in the USMLE®

  • 4 Private coaching sessions

  • Customized study plans

  • Accessible in Arabic and English languages

  • Up-to-date, USMLE®-focused digital library

  • 2300+ USMLE® Step 1 style questions

  • Question-solving workshops

  • Flashcards and quizzes

  • Self-assessment exams

  • Priority customer support via WhatsApp and Zoom

Build your study plan

  • Develop the perfect plan tailored to your goals and preferences, whether it's aligned with your university syllabus or designed for a dedicated study period. Our guidance will strategically help you determine what, when, and how to study.

Learn from our doctors wherever you are

  • Attend 90+ real-time lectures, with over 200+ of teaching hours, ask questions, and participate in engaging discussions. all from the comfort of your chosen environment.

Solidify your understanding of complex concepts with USMLE® Step1 - focused library

  • With Brocali's extensive up-to-date library of articles and videos, you'll be amazed at how complex concepts become easily understandable and digestible. Our library offers a wealth of flashcards and practice questions, making it effortless to reinforce your understanding.

Hands on training with 2300+ Step1 questions

  • Access 2,300+ USMLE® Step 1 questions, all with clear explanation linked to our library, and enhance your test-taking skills with unique features like hints, tips, removing wrong answers, and note-taking.

Smart recall flashcards and quizzes

  • Remember important concepts effortlessly with our quizzes and customizable flashcards. Create your flashcards and quizzes to pinpoint what you need to review later.

Ace the USMLE® Step1 with expert guidance and proven strategies

  • Receive individual tutoring and guidance from top-performing doctors in USMLE® Step 1, ensuring you're well-prepared to confidently tackle the exam.

Get real practice

  • To prepare for the USMLE® the right way, Utilize the interface and real exam experience. Our Qbank faithfully replicates the exam format, questions, and all.



12 Months


USMLE® Step 1



Speaking Language

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