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A powerful, intuitive online exam platform with integrated authoring, proctoring, analysis and practical recommendations

Your end-to-end solution for 
knowledge examination

Holistic learning programs

Crafting a tailored program to meet your needs. Choose between in-person, live, or on-demand sessions, with customization to align seamlessly with your preferences, schedule, and learning style

Private coaching services

Deliver coaching support for specialized deep-dive sessions, health discussions, online communication, regular check-ins ,and feedback mechanisms

Create your plan

Connect with our team of experts to define objectives and goals. We'll then create a health program that suits your needs, including classes, coaching, workshops, webinars, training, private tutoring, content creation, and more.


Program delivery

Once the plan is ready, you'll have the flexibility to deliver it your way – in person, live sessions, or on-demand for self-paced learning. Everything will be seamlessly connected to a learner portal, providing all the necessary tools, resources, class information, and meeting schedules in one centralized location.


Hands on training

Here, you not only absorb information but also actively apply that knowledge in real-world scenarios, transforming theoretical understanding into practical skills.


Measure impact with Brocali's insights

Stay informed at every stage of your program with AI-driven analysis and recommendations. understand candidate strengths and weaknesses, and receive practical suggestions for improvement.


Start creating your program with Brocali

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